The Ambleside Dundarave Business Improvement Association (ADBIA) was formed in Decembe of 2015 from the merging of the Ambleside Business Association and the Dundarave Business Association. The sole purpose of forming the ADBIA is to better represent and promote both business communities interests within West Vancouver and beyond.

The ADBIA Board of Directors are:


 Jennifer Engelhart – Chair

Jennifer is the Manager and Buyer of At Home in Ambleside, founded by her family in 1989. With a BA in Design from Ryerson University, she brings her experience in product design, manufacturing and retail to her family’s wholesale and retail businesses. She served on the ABA board and grew up in this community.“I’m proud to call Ambleside my business home and work with this community every day. I believe it’s our job as Ambleside and Dundarave business owners to create and help shape these two unique areas into thriving business districts. Though a BIA, we can work together with the District to accomplish this.”

At Home – Antiques and Decorative Accessories 1530 Marine Drive, West Vancouver, BC

chris Christine Baracos – Secretary Christine, a Cap U Retail Management graduate, has owned two successful Ambleside menswear companies for the past 22 years.  She’s now a retail consultant and menswear stylist and has served on many boards and organizations.  She was the Past Chair of the ABA. “I am very excited about how a BIA will have a positive effect on Ambleside and Dundarave businesses and their communities.  We’ll be able to grow and succeed to our full potential, stewarded by local business people who share the common goal of creating and maintaining a healthy business community.” 


jens Jennifer Sharp – Vice Chair, Director/Webmaster For the past 8 years, Jennifer has served as the Manager / Buyer and future owner of Ambleside’s So Blū Clothing, founded by her mother-in-law, Jan. She has a BA in French and Spanish and extensive experience in catering sales and hotel management. She served on the ABA board. “Over the past 8 years, I’ve grown to love the Ambleside and Dundarave business community, and I have great vision for what we can become.  I believe that by working together, we can achieve the common goal of a strong, vibrant business center that’s a sought after destination for locals and visitors. ”

So Blu Clothing 1519 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver, BC

gord Gordon Holley – Treasurer, Director Gord is a Chartered Professional Accountant, President and CEO of Dundarave’s Humanity Financial Management Inc. His company provides part time Controllers and CFOs for not-for-profit and charitable organizations. He served on the DBA board for 10 years.“Even though the DBA was a great volunteer group, it was limited in what it could accomplish. I’m excited we merged with the ABA and are taking this bold step forward to form a BIA. We’ll be able to create a more vibrant business area, increase customer traffic and have a real business voice at municipal hall and in the region.”

Humanity Financial Management Inc 2232 Marine Drive, Suite 300, West Vancouver, BC

francis Francis Connolly – Director

A Construction Technology graduate of Kent University, England, Francis is an Ambleside property owner with 38 years’ experience in land development in Western Canada. He specializes in concept planning to construction completion in residential, commercial and industrial projects.“Ambleside-Dundarave is a world class seaside town centre in need of revitalization toward diverse housing stock, while providing a more productive business community. Today we must work together to shape the future through positive change as our forefathers planned in the early 20th Century—it’s our time now.”


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