2017 – 2010


Established in 2016 the Ambleside-Dundarave BIA is an independent, non-profit association created by businesses to establish a unified voice, on the issues that matter most.  Our purpose is to make Ambleside, Hollyburn and Dundarave the shopping, dining and service destinations of choice for West Vancouver residents and visitors.  The ADBIA is a catalyst for creating economic vibrancy through advocacy, promotion, branding, events and partnerships –connecting with stakeholders and delivering results.


Ambleside, Dundarave and Hollyburn are unique, vibrant and thriving communities that attract people to shop, live, work and play.

Mission – 2020 Outcomes


Create vibrant places with unique shopping, dining and entertainment experiences for residents and visitors.

2020 Goals

  1. Branding and marketing our commercial areas results in these as destinations of choice.
  2. ADBIA is a strong partner in the development of an economic strategy for the District.
  3. Updated streetscape plans will reflect the new Ambleside and Dundarave destination branding.
  4. Timely implementation of the streetscape improvements as suggested/ recommended in the Ambleside Town Centre Strategy (ATCS).
  5. Timely implementation of streetscape improvements in Dundarave.
  6. Streets and sidewalks in Business Areas will be safe and attractive.
  7. A plan for business area improvements in Hollyburn.
  8. CACs from development within the ADBIA boundaries will be allocated for use in our business improvement area.

Be a strong voice for our members.

2020 Goals

  1. Positions of members on key policy issues will be advocated to Council and communicated to the media and other stakeholders.

Engage membership who work together to enhance our business communities.

2020 Goals

  1. Regular communication as well as networking and information events to encourage member awareness and interaction.
  2. Member involvement/partnership in community events that help both promote ADBIA as well as engagement with other parts of the community.
  3. Active participation of members in committees/task groups.
  4. A comprehensive member database.
  5. Member friendly website.

Partner with the District regarding planning and policy initiatives to enable a shift towards a more sustainable and resilient community.

2020 Goals

  1. A strong ADBIA voice to ensure that the OCP includes future zoning and land use designations and enables positive changes for a more sustainable and resilient community.
  2. A broadly supported (community and members) vision for Ambleside.
  3. A parking and loading plan that addresses the business communities’ needs.
  4. A future vision for Dundarave investment.
  5. The Marine Drive Transit Corridor Review is supportive of land use development opportunities in both Dundarave and Ambleside.
  6. The work being undertaken in the cultural and economic strategies will enhance business opportunities for our members.

Connect our commercial areas to the waterfront.

2020 Goals

  1. OCP and zoning bylaws that enable/encourage connecting streets towards more “people friendly” businesses that entice people to move from the waterfront to the commercial areas.
  2. Effective wayfinding that helps direct people from the waterfront to the commercial areas.
  3. An animated and inviting walking loop in both Ambleside and Dundarave that links the seawall to the commercial area.
  4. Events in the waterfront linked to business areas.

Develop the infrastructure required to run an efficient and effective organization and to maximize our impact and value for our members.

2020 Goals

  1. An effective and efficient governance infrastructure so that we can fulfill our roles and responsibilities as Directors, protect the assets and reputations of the organization and our Directors, and maximize our value for members.
  2. Clearly defined and aligned roles of Board, committees and Executive Director.
  3. Our organization infrastructure supports effective organization functioning as well as communication with members and stakeholders.
  4. ADBIA revenue and resources are enhanced beyond member fees.